Why is it that we allow what other people do and say affect us so much? Since I have been blogging, which is not that long now, I have met huge numbers of wonderfully supportive people! I take their positive comments and tweets and emails gratefully and humbly and I try to return the favours by commenting back with encouraging words and visiting their websites profiles and blogs as well. It’s a lovely community with hugely positive and inspiring people. Most of the feedback I get is positive, some is critical (which is good it keeps us all honest) but some is downright vindictive. Sadly, nestled their like a cancer amongst all the positive words, it is the nasty generally unfounded comments that become forefront in your mind! Why should someone’s useless comments stick in your mind and serve to sour an otherwise great experience. It brings to mind a funny little saying that I remember from years ago which has always helped me deal with the worthless opinions of others. “Opinions are like ass_oles, everybody has one” LOL. Its a good saying; makes you feel better.


I suppose that when we bare our soul through our writing, and present ourselves naked to the world, we become extremely vulnerable. Things move along quite nicely when you stay small and quiet and don’t step on anybody’s toes. But when you begin to expand and come out of your protective shell of quietude people start to take notice, and when this happens you open yourself up to criticism and outright spitefulness. Some people really do not like to see others succeed and try to cut them down at every opportunity. What purpose would this serve? In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, “When we criticize and condemn all we are doing is defining ourselves as someone who needs to criticize and condemn.” It really only serves to harm everyone and everything. Personally, I go to extremes in my life not to criticism. I like to bolster people up and attempt to help them to make the best of themselves and to feel good about themselves. Am I some kind of super-motivator, no. Am I so arrogant as to assume that I have the power to make people happier, no. But what I do attempt to do is support people rather than criticize them. I don’t even correct my children’s spelling! I let them watch me write the word properly and they learn the correct spelling through their own observation and at their own pace. It does me no good to potentially embarrass them or to make them feel small for not knowing. They will learn to spell in time, there is no rush.

Whether our blog writing is ‘good’ or not is irrelevant; everyone has something good to say and they must be allowed to say it. I have read some blogs that are filled with spelling errors, run-on sentences and all manner of writing faux pas that have communicated wonderfully inspiring ideas! We don’t need qualifications to create, that’s an absurd notion; people who think so are simply trying to justify their PhD’s. Why waste time picking through people’s writing technique? Nothing bores me quicker than reading some pretentious didactic treatise. I would much rather read an honest account of someone’s thoughts.